VTNE Practice Test

Try one of our free VTNE practice tests. These are designed to help you prepare for the Veterinary Technician National Exam. We offer 6 online tests that each include 15 VTNE practice questions. Click any of the practice tests listed below to start studying right now!

Veterinary Technician National Exam

The VTNE is an evaluation that entry-level veterinary technicians must pass in order to be credentialed. The examination is divided into nine “domains,” or subject areas, which encompass the total percentage of the test as follows:

  1. Pharmacy and Pharmacology – 12%
  2. Surgical Nursing – 11%
  3. Dentistry – 8%
  4. Laboratory Procedures – 12%
  5. Animal Care and Nursing – 20%
  6. Diagnostic Imaging – 7%
  7. Anesthesia – 15%
  8. Emergency Medicine/Critical Care – 8%
  9. Pain Management/Analgesia – 7%

The VTNE exam is administered by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). It consists of 170 items, 150 of which are scored and 20 that are “pilot questions” and do not count for or against you. All questions are multiple choice and must be completed within three hours.

The vet tech exam is available during three testing windows throughout the year and can be completed at a PSI testing center. The best way to ensure success is to study hard and practice often. Our free AAVSB practice tests are the perfect way to get started with your test prep today!